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Unleash the full potential of your project

With an intelligent and sustainable approach, Vitus brings project players across all disciplines together to work on a single source of truth throughout the life cycle of a project by making the digital building information more accessible and understandable.


Seamless synchronization
with all your
BIM 360 projects

Built upon Autodesk Forge, Vitus seamlessly connects directly to all your existing BIM 360 projects.

What's more? With only one BIM 360 account you can provide access to all your collaborators through Vitus. 

Data Cloud
Working Alone in the Office

In harmony with your current processes

Supporting industry standard formats including .ifc, .nwd, .rvt, .pdf, .3dm, 3D dwg, .dgn, .stp,  Vitus can be used throughout the full project life cycle to review, visualize, coordinate, share, and manage your project content, all in harmony with the tools and processes that you already employ.

Co-creation becomes a natural element
of the design process if you democratize access
to all information in a project.

Rolf Carlsen, Founder of Vitus

We strive to improve you and your projects

With a vision to contribute to a more sustainable and customized built environment, Vitus provides a digital solution that encourages automated design processes by providing intelligent insights and enhancing BIM-based collaboration.

​Furthermore, our open API enables users to create custom applications, automate processes, and manage project data.

Digital Work
Electrician using Tablet

Access your
project content from anywhere

Want to check out the latest change of a section drawing or need to apply status properties to elements directly from site? No matter where you are, Vitus is right there with you, anytime, anywhere.

Do you want to know more?

Feel curious about how we can help taking your projects to a higher level? Let us know and our experts will get in touch with you!

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