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Image by Silvia Brazzoduro

"Our vision is to offer a technology solution that contributes to a more sustainable and customized built environment; by automating design and build processes, providing intelligent insights and enhancing BIM-based collaboration."

Vitus caters to all project players by making the digital building information more accessible and understandable. The progression of BIM starting from the conception of the project up to the handover of the project can be reviewed, coordinated, shared, and managed, all by integrating with the existing tools, processes, and IT infrastructure that our clients have in-house.

Vitus brings all disciplines together and work on a single source of truth, within an asset's (building/civil/infrastructure) life cycle using an intelligent and sustainable approach.

It connects all involved parties on a project and enables them to exploit APIs to create custom applications, automation, data management visualization and structured data. It is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

"Co-creation becomes a natural element of the design process if you democratize access to all information in a project”

Rolf Carlsen, Founder of Vitus


Built on well known infrastructure and business
professional APIs

Vitus is an Autodesk Forge based application


Beside applications from the Autodesk Construction Cloud, Vitus connects with all professional business APIs

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