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Construction Intelligence and Data Management 

The data and the metadata within an information model is not always easy to understand at a first glance. Our Construction Intelligence module helps in visualizing this data via dashboards that are intuitive.


Custom dashboards can be created based on the project requirements and connected directly to the latest models and project information. This makes it easy for people to understand the current status of different items, such as changes (between versions), quantities, material usage, etc. and enables decision-making based on the latest real-time data.


Set up custom dashboards to quickly evaluate and visualize all your project data

Align Project Data

Tired of a building floor being referred to as 'Level' in one file and 'Floor' in another? Vitus lets you realign and restructure your project data across phases and file formats.

External Data Sources

Elevate your project data by intelligently connecting to external data sources, be it local data tables or cloud databases

Data Management

Take control and streamline the data of your project by setting up rule-based processes for structuring and reorganizing your model data 



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