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Co-creation, Communication and Systems Integration 

Our cloud-based solution helps connecting the Building Information Model (BIM) Specialists with the non-BIM. It caters to all the project players by making the digital building information more accessible and understandable.


The progression of BIM starting from the conception of the project up to the handover of the project, can be reviewed, coordinated, shared, and managed, all by integrating with the existing tools, processes and IT infrastructure that our clients have in-house.

Across value chains, commenting and reviewing design solutions is disconnected and done in several different environments without any common communication platform. Vitus solves this problem by creating a user-friendly application which helps enable sketching and adding comments on 2D drawings and 3D Models. This prevents loss of information and miscommunication while doing design reviews and communicating changes to different parties within the project.

Model Viewer

A strong, lightweight and intuitive model viewer with advanced filtering options supporting industry formats such as .rvt and .ifc


Assess issues and assign who's responsible with a simple data based issue communication supporting BCF format

Open API

Want to create a custom tool connected to Vitus? Go ahead! 



Customize views with metadata filters and colorization, annotate them and share them with your coworkers 

Direct Data Access

Uninterrupted and direct view of model data without needing to download to local drives

Seamless Integration

Direct Integration with existing client’s and 3rd party systems and databases


Communicate your ideas quickly by commenting and sketching directly onto 2D documents and 3D models

Role Management

Manage what and how teams and users interact with and access all content across your project




Do you want to know more?

Feel curious about how we can help taking your projects to a higher level? Let us know and our experts will get in touch with you!

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